How to use auto can opener

Open the arms of the can opener. Place the metal tooth (the wedge) on the lip of the can. This will automatically align the wheel of the opener to where it needs. Fast and easy way to open cans safely and efficiently; Opener ''walks'' around can and then shuts off automatically; Safely cuts from the side of the can, leaving . Handy can opener with a new design makes kitchen tasks easier; This handy tool slices through cans with ease; Easy to grip and use; No sharp edges; Easy to.

Smart Touch Automatic Can & Tin Opener. Easy to use, hands-free, battery powered can opener. Opens cans, jars, bottles & tab cans without leaving jagged . 【EASY TO OPERATE】Hold the start button in seconds, the can opener will move automatically. Most of all, you can cover back the lid for rest of food. Buy JML Hands Free Automatic Can Opener at Argos. though evenly so you wont have to worry about sharp edges and its so easy to use, almost effortless.