How to quit safari on macbook air

If an app on your Mac stops responding and you can't quit the app normally, use Force Quit to close the app. Press Command + Option + Esc to force quit Safari. You can also force quit from the Apple menu. Or by using Activity Monitor located in HD. Finish browsing and tried to quit Safari from the keyboard. Nothing. Checked the Safari menu and the "quit" option is grayed out and not.

The solution is to force a shut down of Safari to escape the frozen state. Alternatively, click the Apple logo in the menu bar and select "Force Quit" to launch the. of death? Check out all possible ways to force quit Mac applications. For example, if Safari isn't responding, type killall Safari. Click Enter. In Mac OS X, you may occasionally find that applications lock up and do not respond to any commands, including Quit. When this happens.

When you open your Safari on your Macbook or Mac, it opens up the The first step is to exit out of the Safari session by force quitting the app. If you encounter an unresponsive app on your Mac, you have four methods at your disposal to close it using Force Quit. How to Force Quit, option 1 One way of doing that is doing a long press (or but it's frozen when I try to use the mail app on my macbook air. Instead of clicking on each tab's little X button, close all tabs at once with these shortcuts. This only works on Safari for the Mac, not Safari for the.