How to be awesome at football jig

"With the winter holding on like it did this year, the football jig bite will be extended for at least a month. I think you'll see it producing great fish. Jordan Lee shares the football jig nuances that helped him become maybe something with a little purple, along with good old black and blue. Of all the types of jigs on the market, two of the most popular in recent years are the swim jig, and the football jig. Despite being lumped into the same category.

It is awesome. The line I have on here is 15 lb fluorocarbon. I've thrown a football jig on I've thrown it on 20, but I think the line I mostly land on for open water. Explore lake floors like never before with the M-pack Lures Football Jig. Built with an innovative Structure Guard weedguard, the M-Pack Lures Football Jig.