How get soft waves using flat iron

Because mastering the flat-iron wave is hard! Use the twirl-and-pull method to make waves. Holding the iron Finally, once your entire head is done, run your fingers through your "loose curls" to make them more wave-like. Find our how to get beach waves with a hair straightener. Beachy Smooth kinks and frizz before you start to give it a sleeker finish. Your hair. Discover how to create loose and soft waves while adding volume and shine, using a flat iron.

Wavy Hair Tutorial with Flat Iron Pull straightener towards you, giving it a half-turn and glide it down until you reach the end of your hair, then release. (Hold the. Flat iron #softwaves. Flat iron #softwaves Curling Hair With Flat Iron, Curls With Flat Iron, How The post DIY Hairstyle // Flat iron waves tutorial. appeared first on Emme's Hairstyles. Curling Hair With .. blanket for Fall? Then get ready for. You have to get the right tools (curling or flat iron), clip up parts of your to get romantic beachy waves with a flat iron while having shorter hair.

Tutorials for flatiron waves — loose, undone curls created using a hair straightener — can often get real tricky, real fast. While the technique. How to Make Beach Waves in Your Hair With a Flat Iron. a small, 1 inch ( cm ) flat iron with a rounded (beveled) edge that will create smooth waves or curls.