Diagrams of how earthquakes happen diagrams

Image shows a diagram of a subduction zone Earthquakes occur in the crust or upper mantle, which ranges from the earth's surface to about kilometers. Earthquakes form when techtonic plates move against each other as a result of Let us imagine what goes on in the outer crust with the help of this diagram. Learn about and revise the main causes of earthquakes and their effects with BBC Bitesize GCSE Geography. Earthquakes can happen along any type of plate boundary. Diagram showing movement of plates in an earthquake. 1; 2 · 3 · 4.

This occurs when oceanic and continental plates move together. Friction causes melting of the oceanic plate and may trigger earthquakes. Magma rises up. An earthquake is an intense shaking of Earth's surface. The shaking is Why Do Earthquakes Happen? A diagram of the layers of the Earth. This diagram shows an earthquake along a fault. Earthquakes happen as large blocks of the Earth's crust move suddenly past one another.

Earthquake diagram of how they happen on Scratch by -PinkamenaDianePie-. Q4 Do earthquakes not happen in places where there are no active faults? 9 .. Pattern diagram showing the relation between.