Science how the heart works

An introduction to the human heart, its location within the body and its work as a pump. The heart is at the centre of your circulatory system, which is a network of blood vessels that delivers blood to every part of your body. Blood carries oxygen and. Ventricles, valves and veins - how does our heart work to keep our blood pumping around our bodies?.

Your heart is a hard-working muscle. Find out more in this article for kids. How the Heart Works Anatomy of the Heart .. A new study overturns longstanding scientific ideas regarding how energy is distributed within. The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via click links to buy products we may earn money to support our work.

In this interactive, you can label parts of the human heart. Drag and drop the text labels onto the boxes next to the diagram. Selecting or. The left side of the heart gets the blood from the lungs where it has collected If your heart is healthy it will be able to work for a very long time.