How to make armature bar spring

First, adjust the arm. bar with the arm. spring post on the frame. The farther out you adjust your armature bar the more throw you will have. What Coil Tattoo Machine Springs Look Like & What They Do. Coil tattoo First, lay the armature bar in the spring flake adjuster. Set the. You have two springs attached to the armature bar properly known as the Timing To make a machine run slower, put a thinner (lighter gauge) front spring on it.

Pro Armature Bar and Spring Alignment Tool. Align your setup to get the best performance out of your machine with this tool. Easy and quick to use. It is made of copper, wire-cutting, finely carved. It is easy to make the spring bending to 45 degree. It is easy to adjust the armature and maintain the front spring. Items 1 - 12 of 33 Barber DTS have the largest range of tattoo and piercing equipment and offer same day Eikon Conventional Armature Bar & Spring Kit.

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