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This is possible only by knowing the balanced chemical reaction. If we know the balanced chemical reaction, then the n-factor calculation is of no use because. 3 Expert Answer(s) - - How to find n-factor for disproportionation reaction? ? what is the n-factor for this reaction Br2 +. Answer this question and win. Aa+x Bb → Ac+yD. The n-factor of AaBb is calculated as. n = |ax – ay|. For example, let us calculate the n-factor KMnO4 for the given chemical.

The n factor of an acid is the no. of acidic H+ ions that a molecule of the acid would give Illustration: Calculate the n factor in the following chemical changes. Note the n-factor for acid is not equal to its basicity, i.e., the number of moles of For example, let us calculate the n-factor of KMnO4 for the given chemical. Also, how do I find the n-factor for any oxidant or reductant? I am a chemist, and I have never heard of the terms "valence factor" and "n-factor".

N- FACTOR (advanced batch). Dear students, Chemical Bonding Question and notes. 3 Important news regarding periodic table. its n factor in acidic medium and basic medium respectively is 3zrzflee - Chemistry n-factor of sodium thiosulphate in both acidic and basic medium is 2. as C. calculate the enthalpy of neutralisation of HNO3 and NaOH. specific heat of . News18 India · CricketNext · Bangla News · Gujarati News · Urdu News.