How to cut your fingernails for guitar

By popular demand, a lesson about filing and shaping your nails. This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars and their fantastic YouTube channel. .. I'm wondering if I should cut the nail short and glue on a guitar nail. Learn how to trim and shape your nails for guitar-playing. Picking hand? I'm a thumb-and-forefinger player, and I have naturally weak nails (even several coats of hardener are no match for a half-hour set picking steel.

I just got a guitar and I'm trying to learn to play but my nails are getting in the If your nails are getting in the way, it makes sense to cut them. How your fingernails can improve your acoustic guitar tone . flat against its natural curvature, before breaking harshly through to cut the nail. However, to get this sound, you must carefully manage both the length and shape of your nails. After all, nails for classical guitarists are like reeds for wind.

The only real concession you will have to make to play guitar is to trim the nails on your fretting hand. If you are a highly glamorous person or a hand model who .