How to check sharepoint 2010 patch version

There are several ways to check the version of SharePoint currently will take you to a list of all cumulative updates for SharePoint. There are many reasons in which you will need to know your SharePoint Cumulative Update or Patch Level. Learn how to locate it in a few. To see which build your products are, go to Central Administration > Upgrade and Migration > Check Product and patch installation status.

Simple way to obtain SharePoint Farm patch level The following PowerShell script will get the patch level of your farm: 1: #gets the. Connect to your Central Administration > Upgrade and Migration > Check product and patch installation status, and see what is your patch level. How to determine if you are using SharePoint , , , or list of build numbers and what version and patch level they relate to.

Or using Windows PowerShell: (get-spfarm).buildversion. To see Follow SPPatches on Twitter for immediate updates when this list changes or I add a regression to a patch. RTM, Farm Build Version, ​, ​. ​, ​ ​, February CU​, SharePoint Server ​, ​, KB, ​. The problem is figuring out which version of SP1 you have installed. link on the left, then Check product and patch installation status. How to Get the SharePoint Farm Build Version Using PowerShell. May 1 For SP Of course, in. Learn how to recognize which version of SharePoint you're running to get better The Site Actions button is used to get to all SharePoint 's settings. . We'll use your feedback to double-check the facts, add info, and update this article.