What is better tbi or carb

I'm torn on which route I should take, TBI or carb? Right now as the motor sits, it has nothing on it and has been rebuilt, so either way I would be. It is almost the same as a TBI carburetor wherein the fuel is not equally distributed to all the cylinders. This means that the air/fuel mixture. Throw a decent carb and an old points equipped distributor in the back. TBI will get better fuel economy even with emissions equipment.

IMO, TBI without a timing curve built into the fuel management system is not all that much better than a carb. But, FI is great in cold weather, usually quite crisp. TBI systems are OK- better than a carb for fuel economy and cold engine behavior. They leave a little to be desired on the power end of things. if i switch my tbi to a or carb and an add intake WILL i lose Everything from the exhaust manifolds back are better off used as a.

TBI mounts the injector(s) right in the throttle body. It's a single compact unit that mounts atop the intake manifold in pretty much the same way as a carburetor. your friend is bluffing, even though it might be much less noticeable than a carb vs port injection setup, TBI still atomizes the fuel better to begin. Painless Wiring makes the conversion from Carburetor to TBI real easy with there fuel injection wiring harness and a parts list of everything you.