What do sphaeriidae eat

Pholodida: Sphaeriidae Family: Sphaeriidae Feeding ecology: Bivalvia species are filter feeders that feed by leaving the hind portion of the shell exposed to. The Sphaeriidae are a family of small to minute freshwater bivalve molluscs, in the order Veneroida; this family also includes the clams formerly placed in the. Family - Sphaeriidae Some fish, birds, and mammals eat the fingernail clam. Fun Facts - There are 38 species of fingernail clams in the U.S., and 20 of those.

Fingernail clams (Sphaeriidae: Sphaeriidae). Loading more records Diagnostic features. Sphaeriids are tiny bivalves shaped a bit like miniature cockles. Sphaerium corneum can grow to approximately 9– mm in length (Clarke , . Moitessier's pea clam Pisidium moitessierianum (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae): a. Fingernail and pea clams are small bivalve mollusks which live in the benthos of rivers, .. The minute, thin-shelled Sphaeriidae are eaten regularly by a num-.

Freshwater clams are hugely popular in home aquariums. namely Sphaeriidae (small ones) and Unionidae (large ones), which are also known as these creatures with carnivorous pet fish as they might get hurt and eaten. The BugLady will attempt no more specific classification than “fingernail clam in the family Sphaeriidae.” There are five genera and about