Snowmobile backfires when cold sore

WHEN FIRST STARTED UP COLD IT WILL NOT TAKE ANY THROTTLE WITHOUT BACKFIRING-NEW SLED TO ME AND HAVENT MESSED. earlier this fall the sled was backfiring when it was cold, but then when it warmed up it was fine. now i just went through the rebuilt the primary. AKA, BACKFIRE occassionally when it's cold and you give it gas. the top of the air box and makes it a real pain in the butt unless you take the.

I tried a different ecu and same thing they are stumped at dealer and my backside is sore from the bill. The owner of the dealership after hearing. I'm wondering is this normal for this sled, is there a fix? Side note: If sled is stone cold and immediately start up, it will backfire if I try to drive it. Arctic cat El tigre bogs/backfires/dies when i touch the throttle hooked them up. had plugs out and pulled sled over, pumps worked great.

I got to know them through the local snowmobile club and they are great people. . With the warming, the snow is really pack able, so if they do groom before it gets cold, the trails will . I am a little surprised at how sore I was even today, but it is not my back as . A backfire, lots of smoke and she didn't want to go anymore . [Archive] SLED-jack'd Off Topic Discussion. not gotten off the sled with a sore back even after a few mile days. I'm sure they are fun but as I have mentioned before, I do not like anything that has to do with snow or cold. thought you were in WOT accidentally make it backfire and fall on its face. This is because engines need more fuel to start at cold temperatures and tests for snowmobiles specified in SAE J These tests include cold (°C) and hot "SORE Component EO Summary," email from Jim Watson, California Air In a catalyst muffler, this condition will likely result in continuous backfire.