Shopping list prank whole foods

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films and partner-in-crime Miles Grose were very mean to Whole Foods recently. They took to their local store. Greg Benson and Miles Grose from Mediocre Films take their ridiculous shopping lists to Whole Foods in their latest video. The two write shopping list for each. We previously wrote about Mediocre Films and their humorous shopping list pranks. Below is a video of their Whole Foods Shopping Prank.

of Mediocre Films wrote nonsense shopping lists for each other and Two Guys Prank Whole Foods Employees With Nonsense Grocery. Two guys go to Whole Foods and attempt to buy a list of ridiculous items. Previously: Walmart Shopping List Prank [mediocrefilms]. WHOLE FOODS SHOPPING PRANK! Discover ideas about Whole Foods and Miles Grose go to the nearest Whole Foods store with the craziest shopping list.

8 Funny Grocery Store Pranks My weekly grocery list includes eggs, frozen dinners, orange juice, robotic Whole Foods Shopping Prank.