Jamiroquai hat how to make

Build a cool moving headdress without 3D printing or laser cutting! of Moritz Waldemeyer that features in the music video forAutomaton by Jamiroquai. .. I managed to integrate the elettronics in the hat, now only the button and power wires. Make your own Jay Kay hat! Added on Sunday 16 April , (BST). Nobody can deny that when it comes to hats, Jay is the man with style. Over the past. The jamiroquai community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

The helmet is sold out and there is an MOQ for parts to make more helmets. Jay Hat iOS app allows you to control the helmet and customize the light effects. creanaturactiva.com?v=8HWEa7RrVs4 Added 11/10/18 Buttons case Updated 07/04/18 added eyes mount Improved blades for jamiroquai automata. Waldemeyer designed the hat for Jamiroquai's frontman Jay Kay, known for his "This tool made the process one of the most satisfying and.