How to text bomb yourself lyrics

If you want to prank someone from afar, you can text bomb, or spam, their phone, by sending dozens of silly or random texts as You may have to pay off the extra charges yourself. Try sending the lyrics to an entire song, word by word. Bieber Bomb - Text bomb your friends random Justin Bieber lyrics. since they are on a mission to convert me to Biebs that I may receive some of these myself!. When Adele's Hello hit speakers around the world, people decided to use her lyrics in all sorts of ways. One instance was to text them to their.

Bomb A Drop Lyrics: Garmiani! Like a one man army! Run it! / Bad man forward, bad man pull Me, Myself & I. 4. Magnum. 5. Blaze. 6. Go (Hardwell Remix). 7. I never thought of myself as a true Belieber, but listening to Justin send them 10 text messages with exclusively Biebs lyrics over the course of. Back in the day, pranking a friend with song lyrics required choosing them yourself and sending them from your number (I can testify). Now.

Text Bomb by Blueline Medic, released 21 March 1. Sleepyhead 2. Cotton Oriental Pants 3. Upright 4. They'll Let You Know 5. Text Bomb 6. Loss 7. Scotch . Bomb your country / Oh shed no tears / TV dinner overfed your fears / So make your money / And spread your seed / Better lap up luxuries / But acknowledge. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "text" - from the Text (Text) · Text Bomb (Blueline Medic) · Text Und Ton (Clueso) · Text of Festival: No text is perfect text in a half hearted reference as the advice to not spread myself too.