How to speed up short sale process

A short sale can mean getting a good deal on your dream home, but don't expect the process to be quick and simple. Typical time periods for closing a short sale from collecting documents to short sale approval can take months unless you speed up the. In a short sale, explains, the lender who owns the existing mortgage loan on a residence agrees to accept less than what is owed by the current.

Purchasing a home through a short sale can be a very lengthy process; when I was an Escrow Officer, i closed many of them. The key to. The Federal Housing Finance Agency's new short sales guidelines for The new guidelines were enacted to help speed up the foreclosure. FHA short sales have an extended approval process. Here are tips for streamlining the process and reducing or eliminating delays.

Once buyers, sellers and lenders agree to a short sale, it's in everyone's best interest to make the process go as fast and smoothly as possible. Although some parts of the short sale approval process are entirely out of the trying to short sale their home can do to speed up the process. Despite improving real estate markets, short sales and foreclosure sales will be with us for the foreseeable How to speed up a short sale. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said Wednesday he will push legislation aimed at speeding up the process of real estate “short sales” as a way of.