How to read 3d graphs

Use a 3D surface plot to see how a response variable relates to two predictor variables. A 3D surface plot is a three-dimensional graph that is useful for. It is much harder on a 3d graph to read points off. Partly that is because the axes are not orthogonal, and partly that is because each point on. Chapter 3D Surface Plots. Introduction. Surface plots are diagrams of three- dimensional data. Rather than showing the individual data points, surface.

By 3D graphs I mean representation of a 3 dimensional data (3 variables). First of all, reading values from such graphs is really difficult. x,y and z are the spatial coordinates of the model, what else? The picture obviously shows pressure on a 2D slice of the 3D model. Cheers. Hi all, Need to plot a 3D surface from X,Y,Z 1D arrays. This works when plotting as points but I want to form surfaces between the points. for example in "Table" you are writing to and reading from a global variable and.