How to make a caterpillar drive motor

A magnetohydrodynamic drive or MHD accelerator is a method for propelling vehicles using Few large-scale working prototypes have been built, as marine MHD . Such a large generator is not required when an engine directly drives a . Red October popularized the magnetohydrodynamic drive as a "caterpillar drive". In the story, the Russians build a so-called "caterpillar drive" using hydro- magneto power instead of the traditional propeller. This new drive is. to a caterpillar drive, and it can do it on a small remote-controlled boat. a magnetic field, this drive system is something like a linear motor.

Maxon drives also play an important role in model making – for example, many locomotives run their rounds powered by maxon motors. But even crazier things. Rebuilding a Rexroth Caterpillar Final Drive Motor Our technicians also have access to all the equipment they need to restore, resurface, lap. Every Cat® electric motor is tested to make sure it performs reliably and according to your process requirements. You get high operating efficiency, low.

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