How to break tire bead on atv

Learn how to change your own ATV, motorcycle and off road truck tires at home or on the trail, with the BeadBuster Bead Breaker and tire irons. I have these old tire on the quad for a long time any one have any idea how to break the bead on the tires I have a bead breaker but no luck I. have you ever gone to the tire shop and watched the guys try to break your bead on your tires? some times its really funny to watch these.

Bought some new tires for my wife's ATV and thought I would change them out myself. I have a NoMar and change my own race tires, so how. (January ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). A tire bead is held in the groove by air pressure. Invented in by David Allen Dayton. A bead breaker is a tool used for separating tires from Further, if an ATV tire does lose pressure from a puncture, the large bead retainer will keep the Tire in.