Dr who legacy promo codes

To use the codes, enter the game and from the main menu select "Options" then select "Promo." If you try to use a code a second time, the. Promo codes are released by the developers in various areas, like magazines, or an in-game popup. Promo codes require an internet connection, and consist of. Acclaimed gaming app Doctor Who: Legacy is offering download codes for SIX Doctors!.

Doctor Who: Legacy. likes ยท 84 talking about this. This is the home of Doctor Who Infinity () and Doctor Who: Legacy Find Doctor Who. This is the promo code repository. Here you , 9th Doctor Regeneration Costume and 9th Doctor, 08/14/14? Google. Hi guys, We're currently mid Advent Calendar promotion for Doctor Who: Legacy. Every day we're offering something to you for free, no strings.

Doctor Who Legacy Promo Codes. Open. Kostnorin. Codes for the game "Doctor Who Legacy": - 3rd Doctor Outfit. Subscribe to Pocket Gamer on The gem-matching puzzle battler Doctor Who: Legacy has been updated with its first paid-for add-ons, and. To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of mobile game Doctor Who Legacy we have a little treat for you, courtesy of Tiny Rebel Games. We have some codes to give away for the Doctor Who: Legacy game! Redemption Instructions: The promo code can be redeemed by going.