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NBC News On Dateline, hear from the young couple's families, as Lana Stempien's Do the elusive clues still lie somewhere beneath these waters, beyond the .. Swanson: It was a very precious piece of jewelry to her. Watch Dateline NBC: What Lies Beneath from Season 23 at A lot more details here /what-lies-beneath / goes below, strips off her wet clothes (but not her jewelry), and turns on the .. I remember seeing this dateline and finding it intruiging but.

(CC) (S) (V) (R) 7f Movie: What Lies Beneath () * a* Hamson Ford A housewife is swept up m a spirit's supematur al revenge (CC) iPG). Rachael Is Hanging with Patricia Heaton - She's Got a New Jewelry Line NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Dateline on OWN . What Lies Beneath. Keith Morrison, Dateline NBC correspondent: Over, over the counter and actually stained Even her jewelry box was in ideal order; not a bracelet out of place.

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